Semalt Presents GitHub: A Leading Web Scraper With Lots Of Features

GitHub is one of the most famous data extraction services. This tool can scrape a large number of web pages in a readable and scalable format. It is best known for its machine learning technology and is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses. The most distinctive features of GitHub are discussed below:


With GitHub, you can extract as many web pages as you want and transform the data into a scalable format such as CSV and JSON. You can also monitor the data quality while it is being scraped; GitHub bypasses useless links and gets you well-structured data rapidly.

Minimized errors

Unlike other traditional data scraping services, GitHub scrapes your data and fixes all minor and major errors automatically. It provides us with accurate and error-free information and monitors the quality of data on its own. You can also scrape PDF files and HTML documents with this tool.


GitHub is best known for its user-friendly interface and always reliable service. It does not require any maintenance and can be used months after months. You can choose from a variety of formats and let GitHub scrape and export data in a desirable format. It is suitable for startups, students, teachers, and freelancers.

Scrapes information from dynamic websites

With GitHub, you can scrape information from both simple and dynamic websites. This tool also scrapes data from social media sites, travel portals and e-commerce sites without any issue. Furthermore, it changes the underlying HTML codes and fixes all minor errors automatically.

Ability to manage or create scripts and agents

One of the most distinctive features of GitHub is that it can manage and create both agents and scripts. This tool invokes mass adjustment actions easily and can scrape up to ten thousand web pages in a matter of minutes. With GitHub, the migration of agents and data user subscriptions among systems is made without an issue.

Transforms unstructured data to structured and usable data

Unlike and Scrapy, GitHub transforms the unstructured data to organized, usable and structured data in a few seconds. This tool is specifically suitable for programmers and non-programmers. It not only scrapes your web pages but also indexes your site and helps you generate more leads on the internet. The data can be exported in XLS, XML, CSV and JSON formats, facilitating the work of businessmen and enterprises to an extent.

Intelligent agents

GitHub can create agents within minutes and doesn't need any programming or coding skills. Based on a machine learning technology, this tool automatically bookmarks the results and scrapes multiple URLs at the same time. Moreover, it is capable of scraping the entire site in a matter of seconds and is especially useful for news outlets such as CNN, BBC, The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Perhaps it's time to evaluate your data scraping techniques and use GitHub to grow your business.